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IDC Games Influencer Platform

IDC Games enables game developers and gaming influencers to adhere easily and within minutes to an affiliate marketing campaign that suits both their interests. The affiliate marketing campaign consists in a gaming influencer earning a commission by promoting a game at their social media channels and including a tracking link to the game page at the IDC Games platform. IDC Games tracks user’s purchases and installs at the game page and referring influencers get paid a commission.


Developers manage the merchant and monetary side of the influencer campaigns at the IDC Panel, where they configure the game they want to promote, the commission for referrals, the promotion start and end date, and the target influencers if any. To configure an influencer campaign at the Panel, go to the IDC Panel and then click on the Influencer menu.

If you are a registered developer, go to the Influencer tab at the IDC Panel and configure an influencer campaign.


Gaming influencers manage the referral side of the affiliate campaigns at our IDC Influencer tool, where they configure the channels or sources that are to join the campaign, select the product they wish to promote (by game and commission), and generate the affiliate links for each promotion.

If you are an influencer, go to the IDC Influencer tool and configure your channels for influencer campaigns.

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